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We are looking for writers who can write on issues going around us which vary from political to social issues. If you have good writting skills and you think you can put your soul in a post or you have a story to tell, then WRITE for us. We will provide you with a platform with enough reach to make your voice heard. You are most welcome to share your articles or stories with us.
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E-mail: thepoliticalfunda@gmail.com

Our Writers
Apoorva Pathak     
I am a columnist with HuffingtonPost, Firstpost, YouthKiAwaaz, DailyO, JantaKaReporter and ThePoliticalFunda. I like to write on economy,society and polity. Background- I am a talkative fun loving graduate from IIT Roorkee who wants to live life fully without neglecting my obligation towards those who were not as fortunate as me in the ovarian lottery.
Amit Sheokand     
I am an amateur writer with love for poetry. I use online writing as a medium to channelize my frustration about the things going around me which include political, social and economic issues. I am currently going through a void and writing on this platform is helping me to fill that void.
Deepak Jha     
I graduated from University of Delhi in 2011 and currently working with Wipro Technologies. Writing has been my passion since long and areas of concentration have been politics, society, economy and almost anything that may drive my interest.
Mahatabuz Zaman     
Rationalist, humanist and insane. Never opinionated, not always politically correct. A student of science. Likes to write on politics, society and economy.
Islahuddin Ansari     
Social media activist, likes to write on politics and society.
Simran Lalwani     
Simran is a research scholar in colonial history and political trends.
Rakesh Ranjan Srivastava
Rakesh Ranjan Srivastava     
I am unbiased political cartoonist who work as a mirror of our society.