Rs.3000 Cr utilised on account of arrears of OROP reveals RTI

Posted on 29 May 2017 by Admin     
Rs.3000 Cr utilised on account of arrears of OROP reveals RTI

Pune based entrepreneur & RTI activist Prafful Sarda, had filed an RTI application with Ministry of Defence ( Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare - Pen/ Policy),  

The RTI filed on following issues: 

A) How much money allotted and distributed every year through One Rank One Pension.
B) What is the back log amount is pending
C) How many people get One Rank One Pension benefit every  year.

Modi government  kept their word as mentioned in their Manifesto and in 2015-16 there was no separate allocation but about Rs.3000 Cr utilized on account of arrears of OROP. 

And in the year 2016-17 Modi Govt alloted Rs.12456 cr. Till 12.11.2016 Rs.3020.97cr utilized on account of arrears of OROP. 

Government also made sure OROP benefits to reach out maximum people who served our country. Till 31.03.2017 money paid in 3 installments. In the 1st installment 20,07,878 people have received Rs.4090.94 Cr, In 2nd installment 15,70,484 people received Rs.2331.15Cr & In 3rd installment Rs.1707.09Cr is paid. 

"Hon. PrimeMinister Narendra Modi definitely kept his word & took extra efforts for people who made our country proud.  As a result since 2015 more than Rs.8100 cr paid to more than 35lac cases and many are in progress. As a citizen of this country I am happy some part of my tax money utilized for Brave soldiers of our country Said RTI activist Prafful Sarda”.



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