RTI On Digital India Campaign

Posted on 01 Jun 2017 by Admin     
RTI On Digital India Campaign

Pune based RTI activist & Entrepreneur Prafful Sarda, had filed an RTI application with National E-goverance Division (Digital India) on following points :

A) How much money allotted and spend for Digital India.
B) How much money spend on Digital India Awareness through ads & other promotional issues.
C) How many villages & rural areas are  benefited through Digital India Campaign

Its surprising when all other parties blaming Hon. PrimeMinister Narendra Modi on Digital India campaign, NDA government covered 464 districts across 28 states & Union Territory over 12291 locations very easily and at reasonable cost. Division was allotted with Rs.58cr But concern authorities managed with Rs.34Cr and saved about Rs.24cr, Unlike UPA government known for most of the biggest scams in this country.

"Digital India campaign has reached at grass root level & E-payment is opted across the country. I am confident it will surely help to fight black money issue in our country, said RTI activist Prafful Sarda."

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