No Gandhiji on banknotes in a village in MP? RBI Governor should resign for the insult of Father of Nation

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No Gandhiji on banknotes in a village in MP? RBI Governor should resign for the insult of Father of Nation



ToI dated 05.01.2017 reported that farmers in a remote village in Madhya Pradesh were taken aback when they received Rs 2000 notes without the image of Mahatma Gandhi from State Bank of India branch. The image of Mahatma Gandhi was missing from the notes because of a "printing error", the farmers were told by bank officials.

Currency notes with Mahatma Gandhi's picture has been printed and issued by RBI from 1996 onwards. Since then, the 'Gandhi Series' of notes replaced all previous currency.

Image of Gandhi missing from the notes is symbolic, albeit accidentally.

Gandhi was actually killed by Godse and symbolically many times. MMS /Rao killed his Gandhian economics in 1990s and his picture is taken off from currency  ‘accidentally’ by "printing error”.

A collector’s piece, worth millions, surrendered by farmers to bank officials. They are the true Gandhians. By the way, see how RBI has become producer of  artefacts  rather than currency notes. Minimum governance of different sorts.

Here is an ordinary citizen’s demands;-

1.The RBI shall  take  moral responsibility for this insult on Father of the Nation. The Governor, none less than the Governor, shall resign.


The Governor of RBI shall take responsibility for utter inefficiency of this magnitude and shall resign.

  1. The FM Jaitley shall apologize to all Indians.
  2. Supreme Court which passed orders directing citizen to stand while the national anthem is screened in cinema halls shall take suo-moto cognisance of this ‘offence’ and pass appropriate orders.

On the alternative, that ordinary citizen demands as follows;-

1.PM and all his cabinet, MPs, CMs, MLAs, RSS walas & BJP walas shall stop preaching ‘nationalism’  henceforth and concentrate in printing notes with-out ‘printing error’s.

  1. Supreme Court shall try to wipe-out pending cases instead of inculcating ‘respect’ for national anthem in an archaic fashion.

Yet another reason to celebrate Modi’s minimum governance country men!

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