The Bangalore mass molestation again highlights why Congress is a party without a future

Posted on 03 Jan 2017 by Admin     
The Bangalore mass molestation again highlights why Congress is a party without a future

By Apoorva Pathak

On a celebratory occasion of new year's eve, Bangalore suffered a gravely shameful incident of mass molestation of women. The night of new year became a night of shame when a large group of drunk hooligans in the garb of revellers started pawing, molesting and passing lewd remarks on women on the streets, forcing some of them to literally take off their stilettoes and run for help. This all happened despite an "elaborate" security arrangements. What kind of security was that? None of these arrangements were of any help to the women who became easy targets for drunk hooligans. Badly outnumbered on the streets in the middle of thousands of revellers, the cops had no option but to take a backseat and intervene intermittently depending on the ‘gravity’ of the situation.

The perception of Bangalore in terms of women security further worsened when another cctv video emerged today where a lady was molested in by bike borne assailants. The two quick incidents are enough to prove that Bangalore is no less dangerous than Delhi with respect to the security of Women. The gravity of the situation further becomes alarming when the political leaders instead of standing with the victim women gives insensitive statements. 

Karnataka is ruled by Congress and its high time that the government learns a lesson. The congress leaders in the state are another cause of concern with their patriarchal mindset which becomes evident from their statements after every such tragedies.

The Bangalore mass molestation again highlights why Congress is a party without a future-

1. It's as infected with bigots as the recognized shelter of bjgots- BJP. Ask yourself after nehru, congress central leaders and almost all its state leadership has promoted conservative and patriarchal values or not?

2. Congress gives us the most substandard administration. IF congress can't even protect women at heart of India's IT capital, how can u expect it do any more complex job even worse, congress belives that citizens deserves no better as was reflected through it's home minister's statement that these type of things keep happening

3. Not only is congress governance very incompetent but it is also terrible at perception management- the most basic thing any political entity is expected to know. After the embarrassing law and order failure, congress has added on its misery through an administration that has come across as being unconcerned and that is being viewed as being sympathetic to the assailants. To make it worse, congress has been far out maneuvered by BJP's communication wing that has launched skillful and massive propaganda to capitalize on congress failure. The congress communication team seems to be either entirely absent or when it surfaces it does more harm than good, making even more people alienated from congress.

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