The hollowness and false claims in Modi's speech shattered point by point

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The hollowness and false claims in Modi's speech shattered point by point

Whenever Modi speaks, I have found there is no response, question or contradiction to his noise, which makes it convenient for him to ramble on, create new canards and influence gullible people. Hence, here I take the liberty to retort - point by point.

If I have lost my temper it is not without reason. And reasons have been provided. So bhakts who want to retort need to first demolish my points without whatabouteries, or shifting goalposts before they call me unreasonable.

Here are the highlights of PM Narendra Modi's fatuous speech in bullets and my responses beginning %#@.

• 125 crore Indians will welcome the new year with new decisions, new spirits.
%#@ that ability to decide has already been taken away from us.....
• India has become witness to a shuddhikaran (purification) drive. For coming years, this will decide the course of things to come.
%#@ We had no choice, did we? You gamble and we get to pay for your stupid blunder in the coming years? That is not a deal at all. Our ideas of shudhikaran are very different from yours.
• Humans feel suffocated by the evils brought in over time. He tries to break free from them. Our lives had been entangled in black money, corruption; Had forced the honest people to kneel before it. They had no choice but to accept it.
%#@ You missed the point. We were getting suffocated by the divisiveness, intolerance and the cronyism you ushered. We are suffocated by your obscene spending without any returns. Our lives were entangled but they were functional. Now you have shot at the wheels of a speeding economy. We have no choice but accept it because it is money that has been disabled.
• What happened after Diwali shows Indians were looking for a way to beat it.
%#@ huh? Now you are saying we, the people, made this demonic decision???
• Whether it is the 1962 war or the 1965 war, India has seen the patriotism of its people. Intellectuals will surely discuss it sometime.
%#@ huh? you have been smoking some weird stuff....wars and people and intellectuals? disjointed and chaotic in content.
• To fight external evils is an ordinary thing. But when ordinary Indians come to fight the evil within, it is inspiring. After Diwali, Indians with patience, sacrifice, fought to defeat evils. Kuchh baat hai ki hasti mit ti nahi humari: Indians have lived this saying
%#@ Motherhood statements to obscure and obfuscate reality? Bhakts will go into a trance at this point. After Diwali you have cunningly included "all" Indians in a decision you ham-handedly made alone???? Now you heap empty praise to befool the fools, and anger the sane?
• Social evils had become part of our life. But events after November 8 force us to reflect back on that.
%#@ Yes like that multi crore Reddy and Gadkari weddings, like the 37 bjp mlas who were caught with 653 cr in black new currency cash. We are reflecting. If we had our way….. grrrr
• It has proved how important sachhai and achhai are to Indians. It shows, what is discipline. In the face of misinformation, the ability to see the truth.
%#@ those of us who are awake certainly have this ability to see your goebblesian misinformation. The rest of the flattery is part of the propaganda.
• The pain that Indians have borne will be an example for generations. Indians have laid the foundation for a bright future based on their hard work, their mettle. This is the first instance in history when the government and the people have fought shoulder to shoulder.
%#@ A hint that history books will now tell this specious canard to the gullible and impressionable young???
• My countrymen, I know you have had to stand in line for hours to take out your own money, face a lot of pain. I got thousands of letters, they shared their pain, reaffirmed their resolve. You do not want to stay back in the fight against corruption, black money, fake currency
%#@ This is called wishful thinking. Can we produce an equal number of nay saying letters, tweets, blogs, authoritative treatises to prove you are hallucinating when you generalise? That is only fair. Trust me we want to stay back….we wanted you to take on the corrupt capitalists first without touching us. Did you? And if you bs and tell us this is the only way, all we will say is just go and let us get a better man to do the job.
• In the new year, we hope to take the bank towards normal functioning. We have to focus on normalising the functioning of banks - Especially in far flung areas, rural areas. All problems should be fixed.
%#@ "should" be fixed? by whom? what were you doing for 2.5 years? you were employed to fix, remember? You "hope" to take the banks to normal? Are you kidding me? Who told you to break what your cannot fix?
• What Indians have done, there is no example for it in the world.
%#@ What you have done in financial destruction has no parallel in history of idiots. It is unthinkable. It is not because other leaders did not have the "guts" as you mistakenly think, it is because they had the "brains" to see its far reaching and irrevocable consequences.
• In the past few years, 500 and 1,000 notes were less in circulation and more in a parallel economy. The amount of cash we had was not usual. In our economy, notes were bolstering inflation, black marketing, taking what is the right of the poor.
%#@ It was a mere 6% of the total cash you dimwit... the real crime is sitting in offshore accounts, NPA write offs and your own backyard party funding for starters. So cut the crap.
• The patience, discipline and resolve that crores of Indians have shown, had Lal Bahadur Shastri, JP Narayan, Lohia were here, they would bless Indians.
%#@ Please don't make them turn in their graves and we can see your petty exclusion of Nehru clearly.
• Ordinary citizens joined the effort of the government to help the poor. Such heartening examples have come to light in the past few weeks. My beloved countrymen, how long will we turn away from the truth.
%#@ The ordinary citizens - some 80 million of them- are poor, cabbage head! Yes, how long will they turn away from the truth of your duplicity and canards? Soon….
• I want to give you an information. Either you will burst out laughing or explode with rage.
%#@ Gosh you are perceptive!!! Do these paradoxical opposing responses not suggest to you your own insanity?
• There are just 24 lakh people in country who admit their income is more than 10 lakh. Every city you see, has people with large bungalows and cars. Don't you think the fight against black money and corruption deserves more power?
%#@ How did you get the 10 lakh figure??? By the way, you could have raided those large bungalows and taken out the corruption, no? What stopped you I wonder? Why make us all party to this noble exercise? Did we not elect you for that?
• Brothers and sisters, law will do its job, punish the guilty. But for the government what is a priority is how the honest are secured and how honesty is more widely established. This government is a friend of the honest and hopes to bring the dishonest back on the right track.
%#@ No shame using the word "honest" so many times when not a single bjp mla has resigned for any scam? not one corrupt black moneyed guy has been arrested yet and publicly disowned? Honesty is a word that sounds not just hollow, but obscene when you use it.
• You often have poor experiences with red tapism, and bureaucracy. Whether it is Central government or state government, all are responsible for the welfare of the ordinary people and seclusion of the dishonest.
%#@ excuse me… “all ” should all be responsible? As in “we all”??? Putting it back on the people again, you sneaky man? Why not just tell us what you propose to do? Would be simpler, wouldn’t it?
• Terrorists, Naxalites, human traffickers are all dependent on black money. This one decision struck them deep.
%#@ really? And what did you do to tackle them pre demonetisation??? They were running around even then and you knew where they were. So why didn’t you pick them up?
• Today, in large numbers, youth are leaving the path of violence and returning to the mainstream. If we are alert we can stop them from going back. The wealth that was outside the mainstream economy, has returned to it.
%#@ The youth are jobless in gargantuan numbers…. What mainstream are they exactly returning to??? Have you put up a record number of industries, collaborations, skill-centre ready youth to man the readily waiting jobs? Have your foreign junkets paid off? and if so could you give us some numbers and prospects for these youth to meet in the “mainsteam”?
• The cunning people looking for loopholes have been thwarted. Technology has helped in this fight. They have been forced to return to the mainstream.
%#@ So technology is the big policeman now to trap the cunning? Why didn’t you use it to hilt before? If all black money has returned, why are you finding black money in new notes in crores?
• Bank officials have had a major contribution in this effort. Women have stayed back to work long hours. Post offices have functioned for long hours. Yes, some serious crimes have been revealed and the people responsible won’t be spared.
%#@ well with dangers of there being a run on the banks as you had got it to dangerous levels by not making your rich friends pay up their debts, they must be relieved with the bail out you made the ordinary citizens pay on their behalf.
•At this time, I will say one thing to the banks. History is witness that Indian banks have never had such a huge influx of wealth.
%#@ It is not an influx dolt, it is a coercion of the wealth of unwilling Indians.
• Keeping in mind the independence of banks, I want to appeal to them to focus on the middle class and the underprivileged. Banks should work for the benefit of the poor and not let this opportunity go. As much as possible, they should work for the welfare of the people.
%#@ You “appeal”??? How dare you? You had the gall to come and dictate and force us to give up our cash and deposit them without being able to change them instantly which was our freedom and right and you have the cheek to make it sound iffy when it comes to banks spending our money???? Look at your pusillanimous language. It is clear that your intentions of what to do with that “influx’ is dishonourable. Why should the banks have any choices? We didn’t.
• When policies are made for the people, societies are strengthened and there are long term gains. It ensures better results. Villagers, poor, farmers, Dalit, are strengthened. The country will progress faster. Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas to reaffirm this. The government is bringing a few new schemes. So many years after independence, lakhs of poor don't have their homes. As black money grew, homes became out of reach of the poor and the middle class.
%#@ Do we need more motherhood crap from you??? You are a big part of the corruption or would you not have allowed the Sahara/Birla investigation? Why have you not expelled a third of your criminal parliament? We know what is good. We employed you to make it happen. You failed. You need to resign, not talk.
• In 2017, villagers who want to build their homes or expand them will get loans. For loans up to 2 lakh - 3 per cent interest relief; 9 lakh - 4 per cent interest relief; 12 lakh - 3 per cent interest relief will be given.
%#@ When jobs have been destroyed. When 3 meals have been cut to one. You think a cut in rates will help the homeless? They are foodless now. Btw what is the logic of having the same relief for 2 and 12 lakhs is beyond me.
• Such an environment had been created that farmers were suffering. This year the Rabi harvest has been high. Government will take care of interest for 60 days for farmers who had taken loans from district coop, central bank. 20,000 crore in NABARD fund to give loans to farmers.
%#@ Could you have not have thought of this without demonetisation? Beside, you cannot make these loans when banking channels that allow me to withdraw my money is not completely normal, right? I am not to be held to ransom for you to make loans especially when your own backyard and those of your friends are stuffed with filthy lucre. So I resent it.
• In 3 months, 3 crore Kisan Credit Cards will be transformed to RuPay credit cards. Farmers had to go to banks to withdraw money. With this they will be able to sell and buy at any place.
%#@ Good. But we hope this is not a rush job like your notebandi. We do not want Himalayan frauds.
• Just as agriculture is important, so are MSMEs. Keeping this in mind, the government has taken some decisions For small entrepreneurs, credit guarantee raised from 1 crore to 2 crore. Loans by non-banking financial companies will also be covered in this. Shopkeepers and small businessmen will get more loans because of this. The government has also said for small businesses, cash credit limit raised to 25 per cent from 20 per cent. A few days ago the government gave huge tax relief to small entrepreneurs. On digital transactions, their tax will be calculated at 6 per cent, not 8.
%#@ Have the banking procedures been reformed for making transactions quick, transparent and honest? Will those who are corrupt be punished swiftly and severely??? You have closed lakhs of small business and created unimaginable losses. Now you will make them take loans and pay interests on what was a thriving enterprise to begin with before your evil shadow fell on them.
• For pregnant women, a national scheme is being launched. Pregnant women will get Rs. 6,000 for their delivery, vaccination, for nutritious meals. This will be transferred straight to their account. This will help reduce the reduce deaths of mothers during childbirth .
%#@ This is a 2013 scheme already in operation you charlatan. Give credit when you steal.
• When banks get large deposits, they reduce interest rates on deposits. Senior citizens will be assured 8 per cent interest on their deposits up to Rs. 7.5 lakh.
%#@ Wow. Mention the lock in. Mention the fact that a large number of rural folk do not have that kind of money to invest. Mention that many will be dead by the time the money matures.
• When corruption and black money is brought up, political funding becomes a large part of it. Time has come for all political leaders to understand the people. From time to time parties have taken corrective steps, accepted limitations. Today, the time has come when politicians shun holier than thou approach and work towards reforming the political system. Even the President has spoken on this. There has always been space for all constructive steps in our country. There are quite a few positive signs when it comes to digital transactions.
%#@ This is a classic non-committal circular argument. You mean political parties will continue to be corrupt. We will keep trying to be honest. Meanwhile, the rest of you will have money rationing. We will also work to create for ourselves political immunity from being scrutinised so that we can continue to loot. If I am being unfair and harsh, tell me, why have you not proved me wrong with concrete steps to contain these?? Not one word on this. What a villainous sham you are!!
• Yesterday the government launched BHIM. I encourage people to use it as much as possible. Economists will review the events after Diwali. But it's also important for others to do the same.
%#@ Hope the security is strong. Remember that millions in this country are illiterate and cannot understand written numbers. They can be ravaged if no protective measures are put in place. What is the point of reviews when you have given yourself full marks for denial and will continue with hallucinations of total support?
• Indians have shown unprecedented patience. In 1917, under Mahatma Gandhi's leadership, the first Satyagraha was launched in Champaran. A hundred years later, we see Indians still have the same strength. Mahatma Gandhi is not anymore but people have shown that his spirit lives on.
%#@ Now you have equated this monumental demonic blunder to Satyagraha at Champaran. How disgusting and insidious. Where is Gandhi the giant among men, and where are you an aberration, a dwarf who has had no decency to acknowledge those who died waiting for their own money that you deprived them of, a man with no vision except staying in power for ever with a plethora of lies and shameless obsequious genuflecting to his capitalist masters?
• We must not let this fight against corruption and black money stop. We are 125 crore people, 65 per cent people under 35, have all the means. An India like this has no reason to stay behind. The new year is coming with rays of new resolves. Let us all overcome all obstacles and build a new future.
%#@ This is a classic strategy in debate. The fallacy of inclusion and ownership that is put on an unsuspecting audience, making them part of the crime, creating illusions of collective power, inciting a jingoistic pride, assuming a feel-good mind-set to befool the audience into buying into an idea without due consideration or diligence. When the audience is illiterate uneducated, or the unthinking educated they will not even question or challenge. As for India staying behind, you have destroyed the economy single-handedly with your scheme making the cost equal to several wars, and we are behind by god knows how many decades when the dust finally settles. So keep those good wishes to yourself.
By Usha Pandit

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