The legacy of Barack Obama: He has blood on his hands

Posted on 11 Jan 2017 by Amit Sheokand     
The legacy of Barack Obama: He has blood on his hands

Barack Obama seems like a nice guy. More than nice, he appears to be a cool guy and he has used his appearances on Late Night TV shows in the US to build that image to a point that people around the world believe that he's a cool dude and that's how they've been seeing the election of Donald Trump; a self-obsessed, a twitter-obsessed moron replacing a cool dude; With his speeches and his political campaign, Donald Trump has done more damage to his image outside the US than he could ever imagine but you have to give it to him; he did win the elections and amid the cries of Russian hacking and all that, his opponents are giving, even more, mileage to him than what he probably deserves but hey, he will be their president in 8 days, so, fair enough but, this post is not about Trump. This post is about the 'cool' dude.

If we try to look past the coolness in Obama's personality and look at his administration, the picture is anything but cool. In some aspects, the Obama administration has been even worse than the Bush administration. Yes, he's credited for a lot of good things but I'll leave aside those good things to be a part of the Hollywood's tribute video for Obama. Now, the bad and the ugly things, if GW Bush started messing up with the Middle East, Obama has gone to make it an even deeper shithole. Backed by the Hollywood's current president Hillary Clinton, Obama literally destroyed Libya and its neighboring countries. Mr. cool dude used drones to eliminate what the US called the bad guys but, 90% of those drone attack victims weren't even the targets. In 2016 alone, US dropped 26,171 bombs. It's at war or a part of some war or other in 7 countries currently. After destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria to give these countries a taste of democracy and to have some oil, Obama goes around the world with a Nobel Peace Prize in his pocket. The irony, if it ever existed for him, dies a sad death every time it sees Obama with that prize. Ending 'stupid' Iraq war, closing Guantanamo Bay and winning the Afghanistan war were among the main poll promises of Obama in his 2007 campaign and he failed all of them. Barack Obama only escalated the conflict between Israel and Palestine by repeatedly supporting the oppressor by offering Isreal aids after aids to fight its war against an opposition which is left to die by the so-called good guys of the world including the whole Europe.

I have just mentioned his foreign policies and that he has more blood on his hands than even his predecessors. Even internally, Obama had been a big failure. The fact that Bernie and Trump both got the major support of middle class in their campaigns, itself reflects the distrust of the working class in the current administration. They aspired for a change and in choosing Hillary over Bernie, Democratic establishment failed to read the signs and just handed over the presidency to Trump. The middle class was left to sink by Obama when he announced bailouts for the establishment forces like wall street and did nothing to change the living condition of the majority of people in the US.  When it's the BLM movement or the occupy wall street movement, Obama has just appeared reluctant to come out and support the people. His crackdown on the freedom of press and crackdown on whistleblowers would require another post but, just the mention of Edward Snowden and Wikileaks is enough to summarize it. 

So, while you feel bad that he's leaving the office, there are a hell lot of people who are not as ignorant as you and who'd be praying for Donald Trump to be a little better than the cool dude who talked peace and acted violence throughout his presidency.

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