While Kapil Mishra play into hands of BJP, AAP should continue focussing on governance in Delhi

Posted on 11 May 2017 by Admin     
While Kapil Mishra play into hands of BJP, AAP should continue focussing on governance in Delhi


Kapil Mishra is changing goal posts without even giving the basic details of allegations he is making. Normal people are well aware that he has gone rogue. However media will keep shouting and manipulating the news and it might be successful to plant a seed of doubt in the mind of people. Like most of you still think that demonitisation was a great success. The harsh reality is that RBI till date is not able to give count of old and new currency notes, leave about releasing all new currency in market. Terrorism, corruption and naxalism are higher than last 7 years.

The reason for Kapil Mishra sitting on Satyagrah is the part of the script that someone from Central power is writing. The trick here is to to show Kapil Mishra as a victim and by the help of Satyagrah, evil forces are trying to project him as a bigger leader and hence all day media coverage is being showerd on him despite his claims being unsubstantiatial.

Now everyone who has political understanding understands that AK & AAP is like a ticking time bomb for corruption and it has the power of taking any biggie down sooner or later. So, corrupt biggies with corporate nexus are out there to annihilate it. Now, direct annihilation might not go down well with public as Indian emotions vary. So the try is to project Kapil Mishra as an equivalent figure and try to break away a faction of AAP ministers. The breaking away is a long shot however by brining the disqualification of 21 MLA clause is another key dirty trick in the basket of Power players. How long Kapil Mishra can hold his satyagrah? How long AAP can keep its flock together? These two will be very deciding moments of future of Delhi.

In this political war, AAP's significant attention and resources are spent to tackle daily obstacles, created by the mammoth opposition with help of CBI, ACB, IT, EC, ED along with fake, manipulated news from media houses & paid Online trolls. The manifesto work would be ongoing. However along with keeping their political safeguard on, it is high time that AAP should start focussing on - 

1. Systematic volunteer organization building across Delhi atleast.

2. Focus on Swaraj and Mohalla sabhas has to be primary for Delhi Public so as engagement can be more than ever.

3. Every small work done must be highlighted with far reaching messages. Advertisement expenditure to be increased.

4. Every month if each AAP MLA does a weeklong 15 minutes live preSentaiton on their work done. This will change the course of political dialogue for better.

5. Social training programs across world by volunteers to identify and prepare second and third level of leadership. Because people will keep coming and leaving only fighters would stay and finding good leaders should be an early engagement.

6. Delhi govt should also start Martial arts & mediation courses across Delhi so as to make them more healthy, confident, strong & peace loving.

7. Fire safety, CpR, First aid training mandatory for all in Delhi. Having said this, please note that "Satyamev Jayte" phrase is great for hope but evil has won many wars in the past and ruled for genrations. The only reason was "Truth" was not able to strategize or focus on defense.


By Vikas Rattan Goyal, Writer and Political Analyst

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