'Yesterday I had a candid conversation with Gandhiji'

Posted on 08 Jan 2017 by Admin     
'Yesterday I had a candid conversation with Gandhiji'

By S. Ramachandran


I had a conversation with Gandhiji yesterday.

Me ; Extremely sorry Gandhiji. It is a "printing error" that Rs 2000 notes came out without your image.

Gandhiji;  Don’t feel sorry, I am happy for that.

Me ; Happy? But you may be humble, for us, true Indians; it is a blunder, insult...

Gandhiji;  No, on the other hand having my picture in Notes  is an  insult for me, if I could say so, because I never took offence you know...

Me ; How come you say so, to show our gratitude, we have your picture in  the Notes.

Gandhiji; Well, you are adamant like me.  Tell me ‘What for majority of these notes are spent’?

Me ; To buy our necessities like rice, wheat..

Gandhiji; Whether you are getting it for a reasonable price?

Me ; You know all these things Gandhiji, we are paying through our nose to get our essential items.  Your face is worthless.

Gandhiji;  So you curse me that ‘I am – that is the notes with my picture- is worthless’, Right?

Me ; Err, not exactly... I  mean

Gandhiji; Ok, You go to a Government office to get some ordinary work done, say, getting a birth certificate.

Me ; Yes

Gandhiji; What is your experience?

Me ; (Laugh) They won’t do anything with-out seeing you, sorry, I mean with-out seeing notes, not you Sir. Extremely sorry...

Gandhiji;  There you are, you spilled the bean. You are not happy with a paper with my picture on it. You hate that paper with my picture.

Me ; We want to save you Sir, again extremely sorry, want to save the notes.

Gandhiji; It is my turn to Laugh.  First you wanted to save me and then corrected that you wanted to save notes with my picture. So, I am pushed behind a piece of paper in importance.

Me; No, not at all,...you are very clever Gandhiji.

Gandhiji; Tell me honestly, how many of your Politicians see the face of mine in the notes and refuse to take bribe?

Tell me honestly, how many of you refuse to bribe on seeing the face of mine in the notes?

Tell me honestly, how many of your Politicians want to raise the value of my picture that is in notes?

Tell me honestly how many hungry  Farmers, Dalits have pockets with good number of my pictures?

So it is fine if my picture is removed from the notes.

Please convey my request to the powers that be, remove my name/pictures/quotes from everywhere. I am living with you. Here, among you standing in queue in disguise for days together to see my own face in a pink paper.

Me; oh God! Help, help, Gandhiji fainted.....

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