Farmers so enraged, that they are destroying their own crops, why?

Posted on 09 Jun 2017 by Admin     
Farmers so enraged, that they are destroying their own crops, why?
By: Vistasp Hodiwala
Farmers don't destroy their own produce out of an infantile desire to attract attention.
Those sanctimonious idiots who feel horrified that they are doing this under some mystical provocation of the Congress party must get their heads checked right away.
We are talking about people who toil night and day on their fields because farming is a matter of life and death for them. 
Barring the few rich farmers, these unfortunate chosen ones in state after state are victims of local money lenders, indifferent weather conditions, rising cost of seeds and fertilisers year on year, and worst of all, casually made promises during the elections which offer them false hope with no regard for the State's fiscal situation.
Most of them therefore have no say in the kind of environment their life and the life of their families operate in.
And as if that isn't enough, they are then slapped by genius policy strokes such as demonetisation which makes their lives nothing short of a living hell.
So, 'get' this!
For a farmer to destroy his own labour of love is the penultimate act of rage by an individual who is teetering over the edge of his own sanity because he has no one and nothing to turn to, to rebuild, restructure and renew his life.
Before he is pushed into taking his own life, he hopes that he can get some traction in the blind and deaf corridors of power by destroying the very thing he creates.  
So NO, it is NOT a casual, thoughtless, irresponsible or selfish act. 
Choosing to fight for your livelihood, your family, and your future comes out of a place called self-preservation.
And the politician should know. 
For nobody has mastered the art of self-preservation as well as this specie, starting with the one right at the top.

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