Justice Katju wants a movie titled 'The planet of cows', seems so legit in new India

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Justice Katju wants a movie titled 'The planet of cows', seems so legit in new India

Justice Katju is  known for his frank comments, sarcasm and wit.

Justice Katju had  suggested  that  Bollywood filmmakers to make a film ‘The Planet of the Cows’ taking a cue from Hollywood film ‘The Planet of the Apes’.

He said “there is a Hollywood film called ‘ The Planet of the Apes’  in which apes conquer and enslave humans. I recommend to Bollywood film producers to make a film called ‘The Planet of the Cows’  in which cows conquer and enslave Indians. I am sure it will gross ten times more profits than ‘ Bahubali ‘,  Hari Om,” .

Following this an enthusiastic supporter of the proposed film designed the above poster.-The Planet of the Cows (Pic: @sumitpurohit ).

The vigilante is ever vigilant;

‘This is Jersey cow …. this is not Mata .. there should be desi cow on the poster’, wrote a young man.

The trigger was that the Uttar Pradesh government decided to start cow ambulance service. “I really think the U. P. Govt. has gone mad. In a state where the human masses hardly get any proper healthcare, it has started an ambulance service for taking ill and injured cows to veterinary doctors for medical treatment,” he wrote in another post.

Dear Justice Katju, the Government could not go mad, only those who run it could go mad.

In a state and country where the living dead is carrying the dead body of their relatives for want of money to hire an ambulance, cow ambulance service!

Anyhow, I have some ideas and suggestions for ‘The Planet of the Cows’  .

The film should be written and directed by some ‘Yogi’.

The filming & processing be done in  RSS studios (i.e., Rise of Swayam Sevak studios ).

Production by Adani Entertainments (yet to be founded).

No music (A.R., avoided) , only ‘moo,moo’ BGM.


By: S.Ramachandran

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