PM Modi speech did not have even one mitron, Twitterati ask is this de”mitron”isation?

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PM Modi speech did not have even one mitron, Twitterati ask is this de”mitron”isation?

By S Ramachandran

A HAPPY NEW YEAR for a billion plus Indians, thanks to ‘Mitrooon’ Comic Modi, in otherwise in horrible times. His national address on the eve of new year is non-stop comedy show, what with millions of social media enthusiasts working overtime.

‘Mitron’ was most expected word from Modi or Modi Speech. A Delhi pub announced it would offer drinks to its customers for Rs 31 only, every time the PM uttered the ‘magical’ word. Apart from the looming disappointment about ‘Mitron’, Twitter was flooded with pregnancy jokes after prime minister announced monetary assistance to pregnant ladies.

One user wrote, “Pregnant women will get 6000 bucks for childbirth. That’s what you call ‘Cash on delivery'”.

Some novice- without knowing the jumla- ask why incentive to Pregnant women when the focus is on family planning?.


#NarendraModi didn't mention the word #Mitron even once in his speech. This is the #Demitronisation to a nation of over a billion people, tweets one.

 Barkha Dutt said, No Mitron in the Speech so far. Or did I miss it. Is Mitron gone too with the old year

Bhartiya Jokers Party, says one.

First time in India, Budget was presented on Dec 31,that too by PM when there's a FM, says another.


This cartoon is one of the best, courtesy- P


One who begins his career as villain (Gujarat carnage) turned hero (PM of India) is now a stand-up comedian, with due apologies to real comedians.

Having roller coaster ride by having more than 60 U turns in 50 days!

Full of slapstick ‘deMon’ tragic-comedy combined with 200 deaths.

But hear Mr.Dosanjh, who is former Premier of British Columbia, and former Canadian Minister of Health. “Domestically and internationally, the Modi government is stumbling from one blunder to another. While demonetisation wreaks havoc on the economy and ... India suffers in horrible poverty, Modi government, in the true Marie Antoinette fashion of “let them eat cake”, is promising the tallest statues of steel, marble and stone. Under these terrible circumstances, Indians ... rising up in vigorous and peaceful protests in the country, to chart a new course for India  is the greatest gift they could give to themselves and the country.” Indian Express- December 30, 2016.

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