An accident, or any other circumstance that results in injury can cause emotional and/or physical trauma. Your injuries may require multiple surgeries, physical therapy and other medical treatments depending on their severity. The recovery process could take a while and you may have to miss some work. A family’s financial crisis could occur if they lose their income.

A personal injury attorney It is impossible to undo the damage done to you. An experienced legal advocate can be a great help in dealing with personal injury claims after an injury.

What can a personal injury lawyer do for me after an accident?

An attorney who represents you in a personal injury case will go through many steps to protect your interests. A personal injury attorney in Charleston South Carolina will take these steps for you:

Conducts an extensive investigation to determine what happened and collect evidence
Identify all parties that are liable for your damages
You can file insurance claims, and you can also handle negotiations and communication with the insurance companies.
When necessary, retain accident reconstructionists, investigators and other experts
You and your doctors should work together to document the extent and severity of your injuries.
Calculate the value of your injury claim. Negotiate a settlement.
Prepare and file a personal-injury lawsuit if the other side refuses to settle for a fair settlement

While you are focused on healing from your injuries your accident lawyer is focused on getting you the compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

Should We work directly for the Insurance Company?

It can be difficult to work directly with an insurer to resolve a personal injuries claim. The insurance company only has one goal. If it can deny your claim, the insurance company will pay as little as possible to resolve your case.

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The insurance company will not tell you if you accept less than what your claim is worth. The insurance company will not inform you if additional damages are available to you because you didn’t consult with a personal injuries attorney.

Insurance adjusters are experienced, highly-trained professionals. They protect the best interests and assets of the insurance company.

Claims adjusters look for information that the insurance company can use in order to deny or undervalue your claim. They might tell you that they require a written or recorded declaration to process your case or that you must sign a release form for medical records. These tricks are used to obtain information that the company can use in order to deny you the full value of your claim.

These tactics are protected by a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will take care of everything to ensure that you do not feel pressured or manipulated into accepting a settlement offer which does not fully compensate for your damages.