In today’s world, digital tech rules. And which means, artificial intelligence is vital. AI powers our apps, it makes our devices ‘smart,’ and it underpins our computing technology. For investors, this makes AI-related stocks a prime target.

So, the way to get in? Are we looking for robots, for thinking machines that can walk and talk? We’re not there yet, whatever the science fiction movies show us on the big screen. But we do have a host of lower-key choices, applications of AI to the day to day activities of our ordinary world. From paying our bills to parsing our data, there’s very little we do this doesn’t connect to an AI system, somewhere.

Artificial intelligence stocks have been attracting a lot of attention from investors. Read about some AI stocks and ETFs to watch, as well as steps for how to trade or invest in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a catch-all term to spell it out machine learning. Whilst it may still feel like a concept from a sci-fi movie, the majority of us already are using AI in some form or form. AI helps us to connect with long-lost school friends on Facebook, to filter spam emails, to tailor our serp’s on Google, and help us plan journeys based on real-time traffic reports.

Scores of countries are employing machine learning capabilities to introduce new technologies and streamline existing processes. For instance, self-driving cars rely on AI processes, while AI-powered digital health solutions have been used to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. This means that as the self-driving car and digital health sectors grow, the AI sector stands to benefit too.

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AI is also a key component in graphics cards and APIs (application programming interface), which may be used to power from smartphones to supercomputers. Many established companies have invested heavily in AI in anticipation of an AI boom, which could happen if the world becomes increasingly more reliant on functional technology and the internet of things.

While the AI sector is still in its infancy, there are signs that it’s beginning to mature. The sheer amount of publicly listed AI organizations points towards an evergrowing trend, even though the creation of bespoke AI-based indices and index-tracking ETFs proves that there surely is increasing investor affinity for the area.

How to trade or invest in AI shares and ETFs
Trading and investing are two different ways to use a position on artificial intelligence shares and ETFs. After you trade, you are making short-term decisions to make quick gains in growing markets. When you invest, you effectively have a long-term position in a company or fund in the hope that its value will rise as time passes.