The corporate world plays a significant role in secretarial services. They are provided by experienced and adept individuals that act as the company’s supporting structure. They are available to assist with tasks that span from administrative to legal.

A corporate secretary service can assist you in navigating the challenges of starting and running your business. The provider’s assistance eases your administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on more important legislative requirements.

A company secretary is an officer appointed by the directors of a company whose company secretarial services ensure that the firm’s legal obligations under corporate legislation are complied with. The company secretary plays a crucial role in making sure that the board procedures are followed and reviewed regularly.

Company secretary is responsible for efficient company administration. The responsibilities of a company secretary can encompass all areas of a company’s activities. Usually, activities can be divided into three categories:
• Board – The company secretary should ensure that proper board procedures are in place. This includes providing practical support and guidance as well as monitoring and making improvements to the company’s corporate governance polices.
• Company – The company secretary should ensure that the company is compliant with relevant legislation and codes of conduct specific to the business activities of the company and provide the necessary information and data to the board and senior executives.
• Shareholders – The company secretary is usually the primary point of contact for shareholders. The company secretary will often arrange for the distribution of notices to shareholders.

Experts in Service Charge Accounting
Morton Baxter work closely with Landlords, Managing Agents and Residents to provide clear, concise and compliant financial reporting of Service Charges. This is an area which needs particular expertise and our team is vastly experienced in dealing with the obligations of Residential, Commercial and Mixed-Use developments through the provision of compliant financial reports to meet the needs of stakeholders.

Appointing a company secretary while registering a new company has many benefits. As the primary contact point for shareholders and other stakeholders, the company secretary generally has a variety of useful contacts. They will have the ability to reach out to experienced, efficient Tax Accountants or Chartered Accountants if they need technical assistance. These accountants can also provide management advice to directors regarding various tax and accounting matters. A relationship with a business accountant is often necessary during company formation. The new company will need to consider many important issues to ensure compliance with legal, practical and administrative requirements. The secretary of the company helps the director to find the right consultant and business accountant.

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The secretary is usually an officer of the company and is liable for any defaults. While the employee continues to work for the company, the secretary can be removed or resigned. In most cases, however, both of these roles will be terminated at the same time.

Sometimes, secretarial services can be called the backbone of a business. They provide support in your daily business operations to ensure smooth operation. They can provide services in a variety of challenging roles, such as the ones listed below:

Light bookkeeping. Accounting tasks are usually handled by certified or qualified accountants. A professional secretarial firm can handle light bookkeeping. The assigned individual should have a clear understanding of bookkeeping basics and maintains an accurate record of all the company’s financial transactions.

Filings that are required by law Business owners can rest assured that their statutory filings will be completed on time when they use the services of a reliable secretarial service provider. As their secretary handles these legalities, the company doesn’t have to worry about missing deadlines.

Compliance for corporate. ACRA is the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. This government body oversees Singapore’s business compliance. If they do not receive a company’s annual report on time, they will contact the nominated secretarial service to accomplish such task.

Transcription services A complex task is to accurately and clearly transcribe audio material. This requires a high level of typing skills, quick comprehension, and fluency in linguistics. It can take years to master this responsibility. Professional transcription is possible with the help of secretarial services. They can even provide quality results on an as-needed basis.

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Today, it is not common for a secretary to take notes from their employer and type. This opportunity is a step up for some secretarial professionals.

Morton Baxter Associates Limited positive approach helps you to overcome typically the specific challenges that come with managing your development(s). They can help ensure your development(s) are ran efficiently, their financial assertions are compliant & inside the most duty efficient manner probable. Their highly competent team give a full range of solutions, and their unique support and expertise means clientele have assurance that their development(s) economic needs will be comprehensively met.

You should look out for certain qualities in a Secretarial Service Provider

There are many secretarial service providers in Singapore. It can be hard to choose the right one. The top firms employ people with the right combination in skills, experience, commitment. These are just a few things to keep in mind when searching for the perfect company secretary.

  • Highly-trained professionals. High-skilled employees are essential for any secretarial service provider. A company secretary is an integral part of the success of your business. You should also consider their industry knowledge and compliance expertise.
  • Value for money. You should ensure that you receive what you pay for when you hire a company secretary. A third-party company will be more affordable than hiring an in-house secretary.  

A director can sometimes assume the responsibility for the company secretary in a private limited business. Or, the director may appoint an employee to perform secretarial duties. It is required that a qualified company secretary be appointed in a public limited company. While it is not required to have a company secretary for a private company it is recommended to do so to ensure all company secretarial matters are handled correctly. One or more company secretaries may be desired by some companies. Many companies offer company secretarial services in London.

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