The Bitcoin private key plays an important role in the security of cryptocurrencies as it is directly related to the protection of funds. Although we are referring to Bitcoin, the Bitcoin private key applies to other virtual currencies as well.

It is almost impossible to recover the missing private keys without a partial amount of information, however, not all cases of lost Bitcoins are useless. Computer crashes have been responsible for the loss of funds. Furthermore, files believed to be corrupted are often easily recoverable. In fact, it is common for different hardware or operating systems to read data that is believed to be irretrievably lost. The same goes for files that have been deleted, as tools designed to recover deleted data have been around for decades. Find out for further details on recover wallet with private key right here.

Bitcoin Private Key Recovery Software helps you to recover lost bitcoins private key and make a bitcoin wallet backup. This software provides the function to generate private keys from bitcoin addresses online.

This software is easy to use and powerful tool. It works on bitcoin wallets from blockchain and other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Private Key Recovery Software has the ability to scan blocks on blockchain in search of your bitcoins key. You can also enter your Private Key, then the Bitcoin Private Key Recovery Software will find your address that was created as a result of past transaction(s) from this private key.

Recovery with Bitcoin Private Key Recovery Software works best if someone knows the exact transaction id(s), so only one public address is required to be entered in the software, for example – when you want to create a bitcoin address for wallet backup.

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In addition, Bitcoin Private Key Recovery Software provides useful information about recovered/created wallets like created date, total received bitcoins, total sent bitcoins, config password.

With more added features such as the ability to use partially known information to retrieve BIP-based initial passwords and phrases, there is no shortage of potential users of this software.

Bitcoin is basically a decentralized logbook. When someone has Bitcoins, they actually have the private key that allows them to change the logbook for a certain wallet and transfer Bitcoins to other wallets. Most new Bitcoin wallets have a security system that holds the private key – which moves digital assets – in the form of a few words in English – called Mnemonic Phrase. The number of words that hold the user’s private key varies from wallet to wallet: while some offer a 12-word system, others offer a 24-word system.

After installing the software on your computer or smartphone, you will need to select the «Private Key Recovery» option that appears. All you have to do is copy and paste the private key where it tells you to. This can be done in a few minutes. After copying and pasting the private key or original phrase, the new wallet will be automatically loaded with the bitcoin that you had on all devices.