Bus transportation not only ranges widely in vehicle and service offered but also in how they are involved in accidents, making bus crashes, and the navigation of the legal process thereafter, to be one that can seem most overwhelming to any victim. Why put yourself through that unnecessary added emotional stress when you should be taking every second you can to heal instead? To take that pressure from yourself, call Yarian & Associates, APC, as your experienced Bus accident lawyer Los Angeles for a free consultation to see how we can get you the settlement you deserve!

Best Bus Accident Lawyers
Our bus accident attorneys have been helping injured bus victims for over two decades. We are dedicated to our clients and ensure that we will do everything we can to restore normalcy to your life as much as possible. Let us be the strong arm you deserve! We are experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyers, so we have all of Southern California covered! Your free consultation will be the starting point of not paying anything out of pocket as we work on a contingency basis. So, whether you are looking for a city bus accident lawyer, school bus accident attorney or legal representation after any sort of bus accident: we are here to help you without delay.

From moment one of being your legal representation in your search for justice, we will begin the process of investigating where the fault lies-which typically tends to be due to a negligent bus driver, though there are most certainly varying circumstances surrounding this kind of accident. The ways in which a bus driver could be at-fault include being distracted, fatigued, intoxicated, failing to stop at an intersection at the proper time, as well as simply failing to drive safely by checking blind spots, or failing to drive at safe speeds for the weather and road conditions at-hand.

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Negligence in Bus Accident Matters

Not only are buses dangerous for other drivers, but they are hazardous for passengers and pedestrians, just as much. As a result of the varying circumstances behind a bus accident, in a recent year large buses were entangled in 15,000 accidents that involved injuries, with 234 of them sadly being considered wrongful death, which is according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Of these numbers, school buses and transit buses were involved in a majority of them. Because bus drivers are held to higher standards of driving and performance, so their insurance companies know this and will do whatever they can to protect their assets—but which will never deter us from going after the compensation you deserve for your pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life-which are the consequences of all accidents, and which all negligence should be held accountable to.

Los Angeles School Bus Accident Lawyer
As much as public transit is a major safety concern for all passengers, other drivers on the road, and pedestrian safety, there is also danger that comes from novelty (or private) bus companies (those that give any kind of tour), as well as school buses carrying children along busy city streets and highways, which can be some of the most catastrophic as children are especially vulnerable to injury. In a school bus accident, especially one within the Los Angeles school bus system, school buses are far from exempt from accident occurrences, even if they are built especially to withstand an impact with children in mind, they most certainly still happen and with the most horrific results, so if you or a child you know are ever accident victims rest assured that we know the best route to take in helping to alleviate at least some of the pain of knowing your child has been injured or taken from you, and we will not rest until you and your family get what you deserve in trying to deal with the emotional pain. Call Yarian & Associates, APC, for a free consultation to see what it means to have an attorney on your side who cares and who will fight for the best results for their clients by putting them first!

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How can a Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer Help?
Not only will we fight to gain you back your sustained comfort in life, but we will also fight to have every one of your medical bills paid for with complete care given and we will fight for any lost wages that occurs due to an accident. We are an experienced bus accident attorney that knows how to handle big name insurance companies and transportation systems and we are not afraid to take on the City of Los Angeles, the City of San Diego, nor any other metropolitan government as they are the responsible party who oversees every single bus driver, negligible or not. There are many layers that surround a bus driver when it comes to accidents, but we are prepared to fight through them all, from governmental protections to manufacturer liability, we will hold all parties responsible who should be held responsible.