Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) can have devastating effects even though there may be no outward sign of damage. The damage is caused by impact when the head has either forcefully hit an object without penetration known as a ‘closed head injury’ or when the skull has been penetrated known as an ‘open head injury’. Most of these injuries are caused by car accidents, falls, sports injuries, violent crimes and accidents at work. The problems associated with TBI are often overlooked, especially in a closed head injury because of the minimal outward damage which can lead to improper care and treatment.

Behaviour Changes

Traumatic brain injury may affect a person’s cognitive, physical and emotional behaviour depending on the severity and location of the damaged areas within the brain.

Cognitive symptoms of TBI may include:

impaired judgment

reduced concentration

memory loss

educed ability to process information

spatial disorientation

communication difficulties

Physical symptoms of TBI may include:



balance problems

speech impairment

loss of smell or taste

muscle spasticity

problems with vision

headaches or migraines


Emotional symptoms of TBI may include:

difficulty in completing tasks

a lack of initiating activities

impulsive behaviour


egocentric behaviour

increased anxiety

depression and mood swings


To succeed in a traumatic brain injury compensation claim brain injury solicitors must show that the person allegedly to blame for the accident has acted negligently, that the negligence caused the injury and the extent of the injury must then be proved together with the damages associated with that type of injury. Traumatic brain injury compensation claims are complex and require a keen understanding of the law and an ability to properly present a case based on the evidence of a dynamic and highly qualified team of expert witnesses.

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Brain Injury Solicitors

Most brain injury solicitors deal with personal injury compensation claims by using a no win no fee arrangement. The claimant only pays legal costs if the claim is successful on a pre-agreed percentage basis. If the case is lost, the brain injury solicitors will write off their time and expenses and the client pays nothing.